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Posted Date: 04/13/2018

Last week teh contractors were able to get the masons on top of the newly poured concrete roof of the storm shelter and finish laying that last two feet of parapet wall. After they finished that up the Hutton waterproofing crew moved in and were able to completely detail and waterproof the exterior of the building before the bad weather hit on Friday afternoon! During the week they had other sub contractors working inside of the building running electrical conduit, HVAC ductwork, and fire sprinkler lines. Up front at the cafeteria addition they were able to finish up a little bit of lingering demolition and concrete saw cutting to be ready for structural shoring (shoring is a term used when we have to hold up an existing wall which allows us to demo the building structure below it for the addition). They were also able to get the slab on grade poured, so they now have a floor for the cafeteria addition!


The fact for this week is going to be related to the waterproofing that happened at the classroom addition. It is now standard to apply an air/water proofing membrane to the exterior of buildings that allows a building to “breath” but also keeps the moisture away from the interior of the building (it works a lot like Under Armour clothing does with athletes if you want to think about it that way). When the waterproofing crew comes on a job they have to spend a little bit of time “detailing” out door and window openings, expansion joints and where the block walls meet the concrete floor. After that is complete they use a high powered hydraulic spray gun to spray the entire building with a material that is about the consistency of tooth paste. Last week the crew was able to spray 220 gallons of the product, and if we compare it to toothpaste again, then it would be equal to 3,434 large tubes of toothpaste covering the walls of the building!



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