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Thumbnail Image for Article 19290Good Weather Makes For Good Progress!
Posted Date: 03/06/2018

Last week with the good weather the construction crew made some great progress on site. The masons on the classroom addition were able to bring all 12” storm shelter walls up to structural bearing height, grout them solid and have now moved on to the smaller 8” interior load bearing walls in the corridor. The remaining beams for the roof structure were received and we should see a crane on site in the upcoming week or two to start flying steel. Up at the café addition crews were able to complete the building pad and get all of the footings laid out and control set, so they are ready for the concrete crew to come in and knock out the footings.

One way the contractor can track production on the masonry crews is to do a block count and know how many they lay each day. They can then use that information to see if they are on track to complete on time with their schedule. On the exterior storm shelter walls the masons have laid approximately 5,250 blocks so far. Since they know that each block is 16 inches long. they can do the math and find out that if they laid all of those blocks, end to end, it would stretch out 7,000 feet! That is equal to the length of 19 ½ football fields from the back of the end zone to the back of the end zone!

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