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William Allen White Award Challenge

William Allen White Award Challenge

Students in grades 3-5 are able to participate in the William Allen White Award Challenge.  This is a Kansas state book award and the winner of the award is chosen by the students.  The award is in honor of William Allen White, a renowned newspaper editor, politician, and author.  Each year, books are nominated in grades 3-5 and grades 6-8.  The books must be published within the last two years.  The books are nominated by Kansas librarians and often include Newbery award winning books.  

At Martin, students in grades 3-5 can read the books and take a quiz.  The quizzes are available in the library and must be taken in the library. Students must get at least a 70% or better on the quiz for it to count.  Students will be able to vote for the winning book in April.  Students must read at least two books to vote.  

Students will earn the following prizes and are responsible for letting the librarians know when they have finished a book and quiz:

  • 2 books = pencil and bookmark

  • 4 books = restaurant certificate

  • 6 books = pizza party in late April

Students that read all the nominated books will be honored in the William Allen White Challenge Wall of Fame.


Click here to read more about this year’s nominated books.