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Arrival and Dismissal Information

School starts at 8:45am and dismisses at 3:45pm. 

Car riders, bike riders, and students who walk, may begin entering the building through the south entrance at 8:25am.

Changes in afternoon transportation plans (walking instead of car rider, etc.) need to be called in to the office by 3:15. Walkers and bike riders arrive and dismiss through the south entrance. At the end of the day, all walkers and bike riders line up inside of the school and are dismissed when the bell rings at 3:45. Parents may wait for walkers and bike riders outside of the south entrance and may not enter the building through the south doors. Staff members are available to assist with locating students if needed. If a parent needs to enter the building, he/she must enter through the front entrance and check in the office. Thank you for helping us keep our school safe and secure.

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